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Ireland's Best Business Internet Communications Network


Airfibre, was spun out of Metronet (UK) Limited, which itself was incorporated in late 2003 to provide an independent alternative to SDSL and wire-based leased line (private circuit) services that represent superb value without compromising quality of service.

Following a successful MBO of the business in June 2012 a decision was taken to rename the company from MLNet Limited to Airfibre Limited.

Airfibre continues to grow its customer base throughout the Greater Dublin area and Cork. Airfibre´s customers include leading household names in the hotel & leisure, construction, distribution & logistics, financial, retail, healthcare, print, advertising, postproduction, legal, IT, fashion and food industries.

The Airfibre network is a pure IP-based network providing carrier class wireless last mile Internet connectivity for Customers anywhere within its areas of coverage independently of legacy carriers. As a member of RIPE, Airfibre provides a ubiquitous gateway to other networks, ISPs, and the Internet.

Established 2009 and growing 100% Year on Year