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In addition to the widely documented catastrophic failure of BT´s Manchester network infrastructure, which highlighted the importance of data and voice communications to public and private sector organisations of all sizes and types, Eircom failures in Dublin have demonstrated the infallibility of traditional network operators here in Ireland.

Whilst wireless networks are not inherently reliable, Airfibre´s understanding of radio network design, combined with its spectrum management expertise, goes a long way to ensuring that its services are dependable. To ensure that the Company delivers against its industry leading 99.95% Service Level Agreement, Airfibre applies enormous focus and resource into monitoring and managing its network infrastructure: working behind the scenes to ensure that service availability and performance exceeds standards associated with traditional legacy network operators.

Base station sites are physically secure, equipped with power management facilities and full battery backup systems to ensure uninterrupted power supply, and protection against power surges.

Adverse weather conditions have no impact on the Airfibre wireless broadband private circuits.

Airfibre´s wireless broadband private circuits are more reliable than private circuits delivered across multiple legacy networks, using hardware from multiple vendors, and which in turn is dependent upon a telecoms infrastructure that is decades old.

Airfibre operates a true 21st Century IP network built in and for the 21st Century.

Airfibre operates to a 99.95% SLA with a 4 hour commitment to fix