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Ireland's Best Business Internet Communications Network

Wholesale Last Mile Access

No Telco in Ireland offers a better deal to its channel partners than Airfibre.

Airfibre provides cost effective local loop circuits to ISPs, Resellers, convergence specialists, VOIP/SIP providers, etc., that deliver high-speed Internet services to customers in Dublin, Cork, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham.

Airfibre is recognised as a unique alternative to Eircom with a broadband wireless infrastructure that cannot be matched for price or performance by any other metropolitan area network provider.

With fully symmetrical private circuits ranging in speed from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps, a choice of bearers to facilitate a quick upgrade path and a standard 99.95% SLA, Airfibre will help you manage the evolving communications needs of your customers - whether they are an SME or a blue chip organisation.

Airfibre will improve and not threaten your reputation with your customers and provide you with a business margin on recurring revenues.

Airfibre enables its Channel Partners to improve customer Return On Investment in network infrastructure whilst retaining a competitive edge.

Airfibre is a member of RIPE and controls its own IP space allocation.

In addition to having connectivity in data centres in Dublin, Airfibre also has connectivity at TeleCity, Telehouse North and Telehouse East. Airfibre has fully resilient connectivity and the ability to hand off at all locations.

To discuss this and any other issue relating to the delivery of ISP services and your local loop circuit requirements, please call 01 653 0850.

Wireless Leased Line Service Details

Service Level Agreement:
Installation Lead-Time:
Upgrade Time:

Ethernet (RJ45)
4 Working Hour Fix
Automated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Dedicated circuit (1:1)
5 working days
4 Working Hours where bearer capacity present
Service billed Monthly in advance

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