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85% of Enterprises Forecast to Be Using AI by 2020

Managed Connectivity is Essential

Airfibre Enables Business AI

01 Managed Connectivity

Airfibre manages your connectivity in Partnership with you to ensure that it is optimised for the radical IT challenges facing your Business.

02 Uncontended Circuits

Airfibre last mile managed circuits are uncontended as is the managed core. Don’t share your communications capacity. Don’t suffer from variable performance that comes with contended circuits.

03 Fully Symmetrical

Airfibre managed circuits are fully symmetrical. Uploading data as fast as you download it is essential for distributing data, working in the cloud, delivering acceptable User experiences in a distributed AI data world, enabling VOIP, etc.

04 99.95% Service Level Agreement

Airfibre managed circuits come with a 99.95% Service Level Agreement and a 4-hour commitment to fix issues.

05 Don’t fall foul of GDPR

Low cost Internet Service Providers employ meshed network topologies that expose your data to security and GDPR compliance. Airfibre managed circuits do not compromise or expose your data

06 Irish Neutral EXchange

INEX (Irish Neutral EXchange), membership ensures blisteringly fast performance when connecting to high profile AI enablers including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, etc.


Airfibre is a member of RIPE, with every customer allocated a registered public IPV4 address giving you an official Internet presence.

Engage with Airfibre now to ensure that your organisation is operating best practice for its communications in the 21st Century

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