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Airfibre Commissions NBP Research

Airfibre Commissions NBP Research

Airfibre commissions research into NBP

Airfibre has commissioned research into determining what the National Broadband Plan (NBP) is likely to hold for businesses across Ireland.

Whilst Airfibre is unlikely to gain or lose as a consequence of the NBP, the Company is cognisant of the expectations of the business community in regard to it.  There is ample evidence regarding the needs of businesses in Ireland for viable and affordable Internet connections.

The NBP paper covers key issues in a different light regarding the NBP and analyses business requirements for Internet services:

  • An overview of the specific challenges to National Broadband Plan delivery in Ireland.
  • Calculations regarding the financial support that may be necessary from Government to ensure delivery of the NBP, which once known, may well raise questions about the potential political appetite for delivery.
  • The potential for a winning bidder for NBP delivery to suffocate roll out in order to protect commercial interests.
  • Examination of the perceived value of Internet to businesses that challenges SMEs to question the level of investment that is appropriate to their needs.
  • Guideline advice regarding services that will be delivered by the NBP that questions its suitability to the needs of businesses.