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Airfibre Cuts The Cost of Business Class Internet

Airfibre Cuts The Cost of Business Class Internet

In a bid to draw customers away from inferior competitor products, Airfibre has reduced the monthly charge for its 10Mbps Internet leased line service from €500 to €300 per calendar month.

The company has also eliminated the installation charge in order to put the business case for migration beyond doubt.

Despite the price reduction, there will be no compromise in service quality, performance or support: key differentiators for Airfibre that have enabled the company to establish itself at the premium end of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market place.

Airfibre´s infrastructure, which operates independently from Eircom and BT, gives it a technical strength over other ISPs that surrender control of their services to such third party legacy network operators. As a result, Airfibre delivers to a 99.95% Service Level Agreement and continues to achieve against its commitment to fix any problem that might arise within four working hours.

Airfibre´s infrastructure is intrinsically linked with that of its sister company, Metronet (UK) Limited, with whom it shares direct hand off to Tier 1 Network Operators. Consequently, the company believes that it offers Irish businesses the shortest path to the World Wide Web, which it can evidence by the number of switch hops that customers’ traffic will traverse en route to the Internet.

A maximum of six network switches between any customer and the Internet ensures industry-leading latency and means that Airfibre is able to make an unconditional commitment to supporting high volume short packet applications such as Voice Over IP (VOIP). Airfibre has noted several instances where ISPs have failed to offer appropriate performance to support VOIP resulting in poor voice quality and annoying mid call breaks in communication.

Airfibre has numerous users (including call centres) that rely upon it to provide support for VOIP applications.

In an on-going battle against marketing hyperbole, Airfibre dismisses the use of terms such as ‘uncongested’ and ‘fibre powered’ as meaningless attempts to disguise inferior services. Continuous investment in its backbone network combined with legacy network operator independence ensure that Airfibre circuits are uncontended through to the point of lay off to the web giving consistent performance. Circuits are also fully symmetrical and customers can upload data just as fast as it is downloaded.

In developing the business case for this price reduction, Airfibre did research going down market to compete in the contended asymmetrical Internet circuit market place.

The company chose not to enter this mass-market space on the grounds that it would have to compromise its service mantra: put simply it could not afford to provide on-line engineering support 24x7x365, a key element in Airfibre´s extraordinarily high rate of customer retention.

Ultimately Airfibre believes the low-end market will be dominated by emerging 4G services against a background where business users increasingly seek to improve broadband performance ergo they will move away from contended services.