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Airfibre Internet Services Launch in Cork

Airfibre Internet Services Launch in Cork

Airfibre Brings its B2B Uncontended/Symmetrical Services to Cork City and Surrounds

Having established a market niche for its exclusively ‘Business-to-Business’ Internet Services in Dublin, Airfibre has announced availability of its class leading communications services in Cork.

Airfibre´s infrastructure investment is being led by a requirement for the Company to provide upgraded Internet services to the Silver Springs Moran Hotel in order to accommodate high capacity demand from Conference Organisers.

Citywide connectivity is provided using carrier-grade wireless communications technology that is deployed at two high-rise Points of Presence that provide extensive coverage across the area.

Having established a Presence at the Cork Internet Exchange, from where it provides connectivity to the World Wide Web through direct relationships with Tier 1 Global Transit Providers, Airfibre is offering connectivity services at data rates from 1Mbps to 1Gbps.

Airfibre is exclusively focused upon Business-to-Business customers, for which it claims a range benefits that include a 99.95% Service Level Agreement with engineering support 24x7x365.

All circuits are fully symmetrical, which means users benefit from the same upload speed as download speed, and are uncontended through to the point of lay off to the web.

“With Airfibre,” commented CEO John Earley, “Customers get all of the bandwidth they pay for without compromise and a service quality that is equivalent to a fibre-optic leased line as supplied by traditional Telcos such as Eircom and BT that are ideally suited to latency sensitive applications such as Voice Over IP, multi-media Citrix, VMWare, etc”

Whilst accepting that wireless is predominantly employed for last-mile connectivity, Earley is keen to stress that use of this technology is not what sets Airfibre apart. “We have industry leading expertise and understand how to deliver a ‘fibre experience’ using wireless last-mile; but the key to Airfibre services is the investment we make in the core network that others typically short-circuit. Airfibre owns and manages its own IP core, which means we have the wherewithal to deliver against the promises that we make.”

Airfibre´s core network is based upon a ‘pure IP’ state-of-the-art Cisco MPLS infrastructure that customers can use to extend their own private networks, with many, for example, building private networks that connect offices in Ireland to others across the UK without having to cross the public Internet. This, the Company claims, introduces a unique performance advantage at a price-point that SMEs can afford.

By working with reseller partners and systems integrators in Cork, Airfibre hopes to build on its success in Dublin where it has more than 60 corporate customers ranging from SMEs to multinationals.

In defining his target market, Earley concluded by stating, “Airfibre customers demand more than ordinary broadband but are typically either beyond the reach of fibre leased lines or simply cannot afford them. Airfibre not only plugs the gap, but it has been the case that a customer, having experienced the quality of service and support that Airfibre offers, has never gone away from us voluntarily.