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Airfibre has built Irelands leading 21st Century IP Network to enable Business AI.

Airfibre operates one of the most powerful IP Networks in Ireland. 100% independent of Eircom or BT, Airfibre’s managed connectivity goes beyond the traditionally accepted profile of what an Internet Service Provider does for its customers.

Airfibre employs military grade wireless technologies to deliver cost effective managed last-mile access to Internet and Cloud services that are core to modern business AI strategies allowing corporate data to be efficiently and cost effectively moved out of 20th Century silos and into the hands of 21st Century employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

Airfibre managed connectivity has no contention (no sharing of bandwidth) so as to enable mission critical, latency sensitive Internet and Cloud based applications including VOIP, Video, Citrix, etc to operate consistently at all times. Importantly, all managed connections are symmetric allowing you to move data up into the cloud just as fast as you download it.

Airfibre has built its reputation on a ‘service attitude’ that is better than any other in the industry: it is little wonder that Airfibre has grown to become one of Ireland’s most trusted network providers and has never lost a customer due to poor customer support.

AI is transforming business applications, which in turn increases your dependency upon the Internet.

Engage with Airfibre now to discover how Airfibre managed connectivity sets the benchmark for enabling Business AI.