Ireland's best B2B ISP by Far!

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Airfibre provides fully symmetrical uncontended Internet and Broadband circuits to customers in Ireland and the UK…

Ireland’s Best B2B ISP By Far…
Judge for yourself!

Ireland’s leading Internet Service Provider, Airfibre specialises in providing wireless Internet, broadband and leased line circuits as an alternative to fibre-based leased lines.
Airfibre has built one of the most powerful IP Networks in Ireland and the UK, which is 100% independent of Eircom or BT.
Airfibre’s hybrid fibre & wireless network is predicated upon a national network of high-rise Point of Presence (POP) sites to ensure maximum coverage in urban areas to deliver an unparalleled Internet access experience.
Wireless (radio and microwave) technologies employed by Airfibre are carrier-grade solutions and are extensively used by major telecom suppliers to provide mission-critical connectivity and lower resilience than fibre. This in contrast to most wireless operators that elect to use cheap wireless technologies to deliver cheap solutions that perform badly.
Airfibre deploys wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention (no sharing of bandwidth). The result is a dedicated connection that easily supports mission critical, latency dependent applications including VOIP, Video, Citrix, etc.
Add to this a service attitude that is better than any other in the industry and it is little wonder that Airfibre has grown to become one of Ireland’s most trusted network providers.
All aspects of security are covered including options for Airfibre to provide managed security solutions to combat malicious attacks.
Airfibre works hard to meet the expectations of its customers and its commitment to service, quality and value for money is unsurpassable.


Airfibre´s support service is never outsourced which means you can speak to a member of the support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.


One point of contact – one point of responsibility. With direct control over its infrastructure, Airfibre will not expose you to the downtime and common delays associated with legacy network operators such as Eircom and BT.


Typically within 5 days of receipt of order – it is not unknown to be ‘same day’ where circumstances dictate.


Cheaper than traditional fibre leased lines: without compromise.


Upgrade within minutes as your circumstances change.