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Airfibre´s Promise to You

However capable and well intentioned a traditional Internet Service Provider might be, it is only able to address issues that occur on its own network.

Many Broadband providers in Ireland are dependent upon circuits and IP transit that are leased from third parties. As a result, where issues arise your so-called independent provider is often powerless to expedite a speedy resolution without the co-operation and support of their wholesaler(s).

Airfibre has its own metropolitan area network and does not depend on any other provider for the local loop. Airfibre´s service operate Dublin and Cork, as well as throughout the UK with its support staff available 24x7x365.

Airfibre owns its network and the company has full access to its hub sites 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any dependence upon third party companies.

Airfibre also owns its own Cherry Picker and all staff are fully trained and certified for all aspects the Company´s operation.

Comprehensive Health & Safety compliance and a bespoke insurance policy from the Chubb Insurance Company of Europe combine to ensure that Airfibre does nothing to place your organisation at risk when delivering leased line and broadband services.

With this level of control and protection from third party influence, the Airfibre network offers unprecedented levels of reliability for your strategic broadband, VOIP, IP Telephony and Security services. Should a fault occur, Airfibre’s engineers will respond to your request immediately.