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Airfibre´s Wireless Technologies

Not all Wireless Technologies are Equal,

Not all wireless solutions are the same. Beware cheap wireless technologies as installed by cost-conscious Wireless ISPs as these are not suited to supporting time sensitive applications such as VOIP / IP Telephony, Video, Citrix, etc.

As for comparing Airfibre technologies with fibre, it is a fact that Airfibre microwave solutions are faster than fibre! Due to the density of the electromagnetic carrier – air is lighter than glass!

Airfibre deploys carrier-grade wireless equipment to support its dedicated uncontended last mile solutions. Airfibre’s license exempt radios cost as much as ten times the price paid by typical Wireless Internet Service providers. With seven times the processing power, Airfibre’s wireless solutions support VOIP (call centres rank amongst customers) and other latency sensitive applications.

Advanced interference mitigation and integral spectrum analysers ensure that Airfibre is able to proactively operate in congested spectrum environments.

Airfibre offers data rates from 10Mbps to 1Gbps and where appropriate only Comreg licensed solutions are employed. Airfibre does not cut corners and never installs non-Comreg compliant illegal microwave solutions.

Proprietary frequency-hopping point-to-point algorithms ensure that Airfibre´s Internet Broadband leased lines are never compromised by third parties

Heavy snow and cold temperatures do not adversely affect Airfibre last-mile connectivity.

Airfibre´s leased lines are more reliable than leased lines delivered across multiple legacy networks using hardware from myriad vendors, and which often depend on a 70+ year-old copper wire infrastructure.