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Measuring Personal Inflation

Serving Businesses Since 2008 Measuring Personal Inflation – Get a grip… Noting a press article yesterday outlining how Putin is planning for an extended war on the premise that the economic coalition waged against Russia will breakdown over time, I am inclined to predict that the inflation we face today is going to hang around…

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Bio Chips

Serving Businesses Since 2008 Bio Chips My erstwhile colleague and business partner (the bearded technical one) told me several years ago that he would be first in the queue for a chip implant into his hand if only to be able to settle the bill for his pint (and mine) with the wave of his…

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Telco Suicide

Serving Businesses Since 2008 Telco Suicide In the 1960s telecommunications networks were crap; albeit the preserve of insanely smart engineers giving birth to the Internet (read up on ARPANET). By the early 80s telecommunications and packet switching networks were brilliant. They worked. The operators were respected. The industry was booming. Now, once mighty Telcos appear to be…

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The Internet Layer Cake

Serving Businesses Since 2008 The Internet Layer Cake With the announcement that Airfibre is adding an INEX peering point to its Cork exchange I got to thinking that the majority of Airfibre’s customers may well ask “So What?”. Whilst the benefits to Airfibre as with any Telco are obvious (more efficient utilisation of the backbone…

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Market Sector Analysis

Serving Businesses Since 2008 Market Sector Analysis As an Internet Service Provider, Airfibre’s rate of business expansion has been impacted by Covid-19 – clearly less relevant than the health toll placed upon the country. Telco’s can draw ‘business comfort’ from their recurring revenues business model and dependency of their customers upon the communications services that…

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Airfibre predicted Eir’s withdrawal from the NBP

Serving Businesses Since 2008 Airfibre predicted Eir’s withdrawal from the NBP Airfibre predicted Eir’s withdrawal from the NBP in its White Paper published in May 2017  which examined the technical and financial challenges associated with NBP delivery and questioned the commercial logic of Eir’s participation. The paper’s content is still valid and questions whether delivery…

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