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Business Continuity

Airfibre Business Continuity

Continuity of an organisation’s internet service is a vital utility. For many, no broadband means no business.

Having invested in Internet leased line to service mission critical applications including VOIP and IP Telephony, it is obviously best practice to plan for disaster recovery in the event of primary Internet service failure.

Airfibre´s independent network infrastructure that is independent of Eircom and BT gives you an opportunity to guarantee zero commonality with your primary network operator.

Where you are seeking to back up cable-based circuits (dug in at ground level), you can be certain that your Airfibre wireless leased line will not be subject to civil works or exchange failure – the two most common causes of major outage.

Airfibre also gives you an option to install a cost effective beat rate back up circuit that can be upgraded on demand and charged pro rata should disaster strike.

Airfibre DR Services include temporary bandwidth upgrade options

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer extended circuit loss and do not have a contingency plan in place, Airfibre will assist you in resolving problems by utilising its unique capability to install high-speed wireless leased line Internet and Broadband services within days if not hours.