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Business Internet Broadband

Business Internet Broadband

Ireland’s Best B2B ISP by Far?

Distinctly better than other Internet Service Providers

Judge for yourself

Airfibre is adamant that its Internet and Broadband leased line services are a cut above the rest. Legacy Telcos and inferior Internet Service Providers will seek to cloud the issues that are important when deciding what you need for your organisation.

In order that you can judge for yourself, what do you need to consider and why?


Airfibre Broadband services are completely uncontended.

Major Telcos will deliver low cost Fibre To The Cabinet and xDSL services where contention ratios are targeted up to and above 48:1. This means your so-called 300Mbps super fast broadband has the potential to deteriorate to 6.25Mbps. When applied to upload data rates this may result in a little over 600Kbps!

Some providers will claim low contention ratios e.g. 4:1. This may seem fine on the surface (25Mbps becomes 6.25Mbps) but how will you ever know the actual contention ratio? Bear in mind that this typically applies to the last mile delivery of service. Have you checked that the core network of the provider is capable of supporting the contention ratio to the point of hand off to the world-wide-web?

With Airfibre you get ALL the bandwidth you pay for – guaranteed.

Symmetrical as opposed Asymmetrical

Be wary of asymmetrical services. Those that offer upload speeds at 10% of the download speeds are not designed with business usage in mind.

Airfibre only delivers symmetrical Internet and Broadband services, which means you get to upload data just as fast as you download it.

This is incredibly important if you are working in The Cloud, transmitting large data files, operating VOIP or IP Telephony, supporting remote access to central services, running time sensitive applications such as Citrix, etc.

Support only matters when you need it!

Airfibre has internal targets to call you if it perceives or sees issues with your connectivity. Airfibre also operates a 24x7x365 Engineering support service and commits to a contractual 99.95% Service Level Agreement with a four-hour commitment to fix.

Contrast this to having to telephone your service provider’s call centre, find your circuit reference number, etc. Only to be told that everything looks fine from the Telco end at which point you wait for normal service to be resumed!

There is much in the background to support Airfibre’s claim to be Ireland’s best B2B ISP by Far..?

Airfibre only supports public sector and business customers.

Airfibre should not be compared with run of the mill Wireless ISPs.

Airfibre employs carrier-grade wireless solutions (Airfibre entry level radios have 7x more processing power than standard Wireless ISP kit). This means your Airfibre Internet circuit is capable of handling mission critical time-sensitive applications.

Airfibre supplies Leased Line Circuits independently of Eircom or BT, which means that Airfibre is in control of the network that you depend upon.

For immediate compatibility with your communications systems and applications such as IP Telephony/VOIP and video streaming, Airfibre´s Leased Line Circuits are terminated using a standard Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) interface on a dedicated fully managed Cisco Router or Switch at your site. The Cisco device also enables full management of your Internet Leased Line circuits and provides a demarcation point that affords you and Airfibre to verify whether a circuit is operating to specification should there be any doubt.