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How to Buy

How to Buy: 3 Simple Steps to Faster, Reliable Internet and Broadband Leased Line Connectivity

Stage 1

Check out the price...

Airfibre operates to a fixed price list, so you can determine immediately how much you will save when compared to legacy communications service providers such as Eircom and other so called ‘independent’ operators that are dependent upon third parties.

Stage 2

Check out the service...

Call 01 526 7800 for more information about Internet Lease Line services including Airfibre’s unmatched Service Level Agreement and simple contract terms. Having decided that an Airfibre service is right for you, your Account Manager will arrange for an engineer to visit your site, agree the radio location and discuss your cabling requirements. (This information will also be used to provide a method statement and risk assessment.)

Stage 3

Check out...

Within five days of receipt of your simple order form, Airfibre will install your Internet Broadband leased line and you will have joined the rapidly growing list of thoroughly satisfied family of Users enjoying unparalleled levels of service.

Price Pledge...
If you find another service provider offering an equivalent service for a lower price, Airfibre will honour the difference + 10%.