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Case Study: Stafford Lynch


Stafford Lynch is the value added distributor behind some of Ireland’s best known consumer brands including, Schwartz, John West, Andrex, Dr. Oetker, Tetley and San Pelligrino – to name quite literally but a few!

Stafford Lynch would actually be better described as a full brand management company encompassing sales, marketing, merchandising, distribution, customer account management, finance, IT and business planning/development.

In short, Stafford Lynch manages every aspect of distribution for its high-profile clients.

The Challenge

Stafford Lynch is totally dependent upon IT for every aspect of its business delivery; automated distribution systems being just one aspect of the technology mix.

Everything from in-store handheld merchandising systems for uploading orders, through ERP, picking and accounts systems manage every aspect of distribution from order to delivery.

Stafford Lynch’s infrastructure comprises a variety of integrated disparate systems with bespoke solutions across numerous clustered VM Servers that facilitate DR failover and which are supported by a powerful RAID controller that is backed up off site every four hours without fail.

Aidan Rice, Operations and HR Director, doesn’t have an orthodox ‘IT’ background having instead entered the industry from a ‘Food Science’ background where in the past he was responsible for auditing food production and distribution facilities across Europe.

As such, Mr Rice possesses a powerful understanding of the business as a whole and has worked for many years developing a unique technology platform that meets the needs of Stafford Lynch and its customers.

The Solution

With its HQ in Ballycoolin, Stafford Lynch doesn’t enjoy the connectivity options of city centre organisations. However, as Aidan is quick to point out, its requirements for reliable connectivity are just as great, especially given the need to ensure that full disaster recovery can be invoked at a moment’s notice as a result of constant attention to off site mirroring of services and data.

In evaluating an Internet Service Provider, Stafford Lynch considered reliability and availability of services to be paramount. Having employed Airfibre as its primary Internet circuit provider, since 2014, Aidan reports that he has been delighted with the reliability and quality of Airfibre’s service noting in particular that on the rare occasion where problems have arisen that the communication flow from Airfibre was both comprehensive and open giving rise to confidence that issues are always addressed with optimum efficiency.


Stafford Lynch cannot and will not leave its communications services to chance and values the relationship that it has with Airfibre in terms of reliability and quality of service and support.