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With Airfibre you get

  • Up to 10Gbps Internet Business Broadband Leased Lines. No more slow Internet.
  • Completely uncontended – you get all the Internet bandwidth you pay for.
  • Fully Symmetrical Internet Leased Lines (equal upload/download speeds).
  • Ultra-Fast Low Latency (sub 5msecs) Business Internet performance.
  • No Data Cap or Reasonable usage baloney for Business Internet.
  • Optimised for Cloud Computing
    • Amazon
    • Google
    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle
    • Salesforce
    • etc., etc., etc.,
  • 99.95% Business Internet Service Level Agreement.
  • No Call Centres. No Muzak. Immediate access to real people should you need help with your Business Internet Leased Line.

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