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With Airfibre you get

  • Up to 10Gbps Internet Business Broadband Leased Lines. No more slow Internet.
  • Completely uncontended – you get all the Internet bandwidth you pay for.
  • Fully Symmetrical Internet Leased Lines (equal upload/download speeds).
  • Ultra-Fast Low Latency (sub 5msecs) Business Internet performance.
  • No Data Cap or Reasonable usage baloney for Business Internet.
  • Optimised for Cloud Computing
    • Amazon
    • Google
    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle
    • Salesforce
    • etc., etc., etc.,
  • 99.95% Business Internet Service Level Agreement.
  • No Call Centres. No Muzak. Immediate access to real people should you need help with your Business Internet Leased Line.

Business Broadband should be functional, powerful and, put simply, fit for business. Despite the hyperbole surrounding fibre business broadband, too may Irish businesses have been forced to rely on subpar services that promise the world but fail to deliver when it counts.

With Airfibre’s Business DIA, you get a no nonsense service that is dedicated to you and the running of your business. Over 300 active customers rely upon Airfibre for their dedicated internet access for business: high quality always on . With the ever increasing dependency upon the Internet for businesses to simply function there has never been a better time to fortify your business internet broadband connection with Airfibre.

Unlike many heavily advertised services for businesses, Airfibre delivers a true uncontended direct internet access service to your business. That is, your connection is dedicated to your business and not shared with any other customers. An exclusive connection guarantees that your bandwidth is consistent throughout the day and is secure from potential data breaches.

Airfibre customers run everything across their DIA circuits from websites and small staff email servers, to major administration centres and service points for large restaurants, hospitals, hotels, managed offices, public space WiFi, etc. Indeed virtually no vertical market is not accommodated within Airfibre’s customer list.

Airfibre’s symmetrical bandwidth feature means that your upload speeds match your download speeds. This is crucial for businesses operating in the cloud or using internet-based applications such as VOIP or video calling. With Airfibre, latency is virtually non-existent meaning that you never have to suffer through dropped calls or lag filled conversations. Irish businesses all too often suffer poorly quality calls or conversations cutting off entirely because their ill-suited connection cannot handle the demands of a modern business.

Whether it be conference calls with people from multiple locations, or staff dialling into your central servers from home, Airfibre’s Symmetrical Business Broadband guarantees that your business will move smoothly and efficiently.

Airfibre’s best in market 99.95% Business Internet Service Level Agreement gives you the peace of mind that you will suffer the minimum amount of downtime possible so that your business can operate year round.

Airfibre’s commitent to customer satisfaction means that Airfibre engineers will respond to service issues within 4 Business Hours and frequently fix issues before the customer has realised they had one. This commitment to quality has resulted in Airfibre retaining customers going back to its inception in 2009.

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