Getting Ready for the META Internet Business World…

Getting Ready for the META Internet Business World…

Getting Ready for the META Internet Business World…

Having returned from UK following an extended Covid inspired leave of absence I returned to commuting to Airfibre’s new offices in Dún Laoghaire along a route that takes me past numerous bus and LUAS stops along the way

The numbers of people with heads bowed looking at smart phones made a keen impression. More so that the school kids are more or less 100% engaged in this distraction.

The point of this piece is not to discuss the merits or otherwise of ‘always on’ digital interaction (I will leave that to the parents), but to consider how businesses are going to be able to take advantage of these emerging IT literate generations that increasingly are way ahead of those that preceded them.

As the 21st Century progresses business are going to have to transform in order to capture the advantage of new age employees productivity and imagination that they will bring to the work place along with Meta based Internet working.

Flaky infrastructure and Internet Access services won’t cut it. SMEs are going to have smarten up if they are to harness the talent that is coming down the line.


Too many SMEs are obsessed with price and making comparisons with domestic broadband services that they hear and see advertised continuously. This will not cut the mustard going forward.


The characteristics of Direct Business Internet Access that count are contention and asymmetrical vs symmetrical.


A contention ratio is the number of customers that share a given bandwidth. Up to 1Gbps broadband translates to as little 5Mbps of upload capacity if traditional Telcos achieve their contention ratio targets. Downloading data will be less of a problem at 50Mbps; domestic users that are more interested in consuming (I hate that term!) data rather than transmitting.


Not so for businesses interacting with the cloud and supporting high volume two way communications.

So, in short, SMEs must learn to assess the functionality of Internet services to ensure they are ready for the new generations that will no doubt teach us a thing or to we transition to the Meta Internet Business World.