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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Matters

So too does Telco Insurance

Don´t ignore the importance of ensuring that your communications provider complies with the law and has adequate insurance to ensure that you don’t end up in court or at the wrong end of a legal dispute with your Landlord.

Airfibre never sub-contracts installation or maintenance works to third party contractors.

Airfibre Engineers are trained and certified in all aspects of their work including:

  • Roof top working
  • Mast working
  • Cherry picker operation
  • Building site regulations

Airfibre equipment is independently certified fit for purpose including harnesses, cherry pickers, lanyards, etc.

Airfibre operates a documented Risk Assessment and Method Statement approach to all works that set an industry benchmark.

Airfibre maintains Telco specific insurance cover to in excess of €10 million.

Airfibre cares about its staff and yours.