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Established 2009

Airfibre, was spun out of Metronet (UK) Limited, which itself was incorporated in late 2003 to provide an independent alternative to SDSL and wire-based leased line (private circuit) services that represented superb value without compromising quality of service.

At this time, Airfibre would have described itself as a 21st Century Internet Service Provider (ISP), not realizing that what it was actually creating through its service and quality ethic, was managed connectivity essential to enabling modern enterprises to exploit fast emerging Cloud and AI based services.

20th Century ISPs are no longer fit for purpose. The sales pitch has moved on from ‘bits for bucks’. Today’s organisations need a connectivity partnership for the 21st Century. The Telco of the past simply does not cut it.

As a result of its unique approach to managed connectivity, Airfibre continues to grow its customer base throughout the Greater Dublin area and Cork, with new towns and cities coming on line through a progressive expansion programme.

Airfibre customers include leading household names in the hotel & leisure, construction, distribution & logistics, financial, retail, healthcare, print, advertising, post production, legal, IT, fashion and food industries. In fact there is no vertical in today’s AI enabled business world that does not benefit from Airfibre’s managed connectivity.

A member of RIPE (Regional Internet Registry), Airfibre provides a ubiquitous gateway to other networks, ISPs, key Cloud operators/AI enablers and the Internet.

Engage with Airfibre now and see how you can benefit from Airfibre’s focus upon addressing 21st Century communications challenges.