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Why am I experiencing poor Internet Telephone quality, poor VOIP performance or poor Video Conferencing issues …?

Not all business Internet are capable of supporting Voice Over IP (IP telephony) and Video Conferencing in a business context.
    • Unlike Airfibre’s Direct Internet Access (DIA) leased lines for businesses, many low cost broadband circuits operate on the basis of many customers sharing a backhaul link.These are contended circuits. Telcos will try to pull the wool over your eyes with terms such as ‘uncongested’, but in reality there may be 50 businesses sharing your bandwidth, meaning that a 100Mbps circuits will really only be capable of delivering 2Mbps at busy times. Trying to support telephony and video conferencing in such a busy environment leads to poor quality, intermittent services and periodic link failures that stop the conversation flow. End the frustration; click here to find out if Airfibre uncontended business broadband services operate in your area.
  • VOIP and Video services operating in the cloud will not work well with asymmetrical Internet circuits; this is where the upload speed is not the same as your download speed.Low cost broadband circuits typically offer an upload speed that is 10% of the download speed; so now your circuit may be operating at 200Kbps, which is entirely impractical for real-time telephony and video services. Click here to find out if Airfibre symmetrical business Internet services operate in your area.
    • Low cost Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) often operate self-policing wireless mess network infrastructures that aggregate different users Internet traffic across multiple paths. As well as exposing your data to other users of the WISP’s services (3rd parties can literally capture and read your data), such poor practice will result in packets arriving out of sequence. no Absolutely for good Video Telephony and services!Airfibre supplies dedicated Direct Internet Access (DIA) circuits for each customer on the network to ensure that this does not happen and its circuits are trusted by numerous IP Telephony providers in Ireland. Click here to find out if Airfibre symmetrical business broadband services operate in your area.
    • Latency is often the source of poor Internet Telephony and Video performance. Latency is the time it takes for packets to traverse the network and it is measured in milliseconds (msecs).VOIP will cope with up to 150msecs round trip delay (RTD). Video conferencing may be more sensitive. In any event, with its sub 5msec RTD, Airfibre customers need never worry. It is worth noting that now also features a test facility to verify whether or not your Internet circuit is appropriate for video applications. Needless to say, you will be fine with Airfibre’s Direct Internet Access (DIA) services. Click here to find out if Airfibre Direct Business Internet services operate in your area.
    • Mean Opinion Score (MOS) – the industry benchmark should be used to determine the appropriateness of an Internet circuit to supporting multi-media communications.MOS produces results on a sliding scale from 1 (rubbish) to 5 (superb).With an Airfibre Direct Internet Access (DIA) circuit you can expect a MOS rating of 4.5, which means it is ideal for resolving poor IP Telephony, poor VOIP and poor Video Conferencing performance. Click here to find out if Airfibre Direct Business Internet services operate in your area.

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