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Landlords and Building Owners

Not earning revenues from communications?

Let Airfibre give you a competitive edge ...

Airfibre works with Landlords and Building owners to give them a competitive edge when attracting tenants to take occupancy. In addition, Airfibre offers Landlords an opportunity to profit share from from Internet Broadband and leased line circuits.

Airfibre will enable your building to support communications facilities to tenants that:

  1. can be delivered within hours – no longer do you need to worry about the ability of a Telco to deliver services that in turn affect decisions by prospective tenants whose comms can be in place before the office furniture;
  2. accommodate ever increasing demands for bandwidth; and
  3. afford you an opportunity to generate income from fantastic value communications circuits whilst at the same time offering tenants savings over traditional legacy communications circuits.

Airfibre is recognised as a unique alternative to Eircom with a broadband wireless infrastructure that cannot be matched for price or performance by any other metropolitan area network provider.

With fully symmetrical private circuits ranging in speed from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps, to allow your tenants a quick upgrade path as needs evolved and a standard 99.95% SLA, Airfibre will help you manage the communications needs of your tenants.

Airfibre will improve – not threaten – your relationship with your tenants and provide you with a business margin on recurring revenues.

You can also provide value added services including security firewalls and telephony services based on state of the art VOIP IP Telephony.

Airfibre also provides Landlords with value added technical consultancy to you to answer all manner of questions that prospective tenants will ask.