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Managed Connectivity

Enabling AI

The traditional Internet Service Provider (ISP) with its headline sales message focused upon ‘bits per buck’ is increasingly less relevant to the 85% of corporations that are predicted to adopt AI by 2020 in order to gain competitive edge and keep pace with competitors.

Airfibre Enables Business AI

Airfibre delivers managed last-mile connectivity circuits and operates a core network infrastructure that is optimised for business AI and Cloud computing.

Immediately compatible with your legacy communications systems and applications such as IP Telephony/VOIP and video streaming, Airfibre´s managed connectivity will bring you to the Cloud and AI with a quality of service that is unparalleled in the industry.

No variations in blistering performance, a 99.95% contracted Service Level Agreement, 24×7 proactive accountable support services and Technical Account Management combine to ensure that your organisation is equipped to take advantage of 21st Century technological innovation.

Legacy ISPs terminate 20th century leased lines with an anonymous Ethernet interface. Airfibre, in contrast, installs a Cisco Router, enabling full management and accountability (for you and Airfibre) of your managed 21st Century connectivity.

Airfibre employs military grade microwave technologies to deliver last mile managed connectivity – technology that is scientifically proven to be faster than fibre and which takes Airfibre’s network footprint beyond legacy fibre and copper networks.

No way leave, no diggers, no shared infrastructure. Just blistering performance, rapid delivery and robust operation.

Engage with Airfibre now to learn how Airfibre managed connectivity can ensure that your organisation exploits cloud and AI based services to deliver competitive edge.

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