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With Airfibre you get

  • Suitable Managed FaaS for SME and Large Enterprises.
  • Bespoke Design and Management Service for your Firewall as a Service requirements.
  • US Military Grade Hardware supports Airfibre Managed Firewall as a Service.
  • Industry leading value for money. You will not find a better value for money Managed FaaS in Ireland.


Airfibre’s FaaS is a scalable managed firewall service that allows you to outsource responsibility for ensuring that your organisation has protection against myriad threats that face all businesses on a day-to-day basis.

A key network security challenge issue for SMEs is administration. Even ensuring that your licences are current is a task often overlooked and only realised when it is too late.

No longer. With Airfibre FaaS administration is kept current and is one thing less for you to worry about.

The service includes pre-consultation, firewall set up and ongoing admin.

It works with any Internet connection operating at any speed. Airfibre FaaS is scalable and capable of evolving as your network grows and evolves.

Delivered as a service, Airfibre’s FaaS does not require substantial capital outlay, with SMEs typically paying just €39 per month (€99 Installation).

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