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Managed MPLS / IP-VPN

Airfirbe's Managed MPLS / IP-VPN

In addition to providing Internet and Business Broadband leased lines, Airfibre’s 21st Century IP network is ideal for building private network infrastructures that don’t traverse the Internet.

MPLS / IP-VPN – The business case

  • Improve security across your corporate network
  • Create a LAN-like environment across geographically separate sites
  • Reduce hardware and software costs by removing the need to purchase firewalls for each site as firewall security is consolidated at a single point in the network
  • Reduce the administration burden on your IT staff, by allowing them to concentrate on other tasks
  • Make it easier and quicker to add new sites to your network

The strategic importance of inter-branch communications is now critical with increased dependency upon IP telephony, VOIP, virtualisation and web-based services – if you don´t have a network, you don´t have a business.

With Airfibre you can build your own private MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) VPN (Virtual Private Network) over a secure independent managed infrastructure delivered to a 99.95% Service Level Agreement. This means vital data and information will not have to traverse the public internet/third party networks.

Build your VPN across Airfibre's State-of-the-Art MPLS Infrastructure

Native MPLS support with traffic prioritisation for mission-critical applications gives you a future proof platform for the convergence of voice, video and data networks.

An Airfibre MPLS VPN affords you the opportunity to consolidate Internet traffic through a single ingress/egress connection; simplifying network design and administration, improving control and reducing the costs associated with multiple on-site firewalls that might otherwise be necessary. Combined with individual routing polices, traffic can be engineered to route to a primary site and then a failover business continuity/DR site or any combination you wish to determine.

Airfibre also offers a managed high availability firewall service that enables all of your MPLS VPN connected branches/remote workers to take advantage of blue chip security facilities which are normally associated with only the largest organisations.

MPLS IP-VPN is a service provider layer 3 VPN technology that transports secure discreet overlay VPN solutions over a powerful shared backbone network affording you an opportunity to take advantage of the service provider´s economies of scale. 

Airfibre’s MPLS IP-VPN introduces optimum flexibility in on-going network design and virtually unlimited scalability within a managed service package that provides assurance of quality of service and traffic engineering.

In many organisations that have multiple locations and which are not running an MPLS infrastructure, IT managers risk spending too much time traveling between sites, setting up, managing and administering firewalls. Every change to or expansion of the network entails extensive setup and administration work on a complex set of rules that are prone to error.

Airfibre´s management and infrastructure personnel monitor all VPNs 24 hours a day, ensuring potential network faults and issues are proactively addressed before user service is affected.