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Managed Security as a Service – SaaS

Airfibre offers several variations of a managed security solution, which are designed to:

  • improve your security
  • Ease the increasing burden of administration for IT managers and departments; and
  • Reduce costs by utilising Airfibre’s infrastructure and taking advantage of its economies of scale and security expertise

All organisations now face a Blended Security Threat comprising potential attacks from network intrusion, viruses, worms, phishing, spyware, denial of service (DOS) attacks and spam.

Management and administration of multiple point solutions that have traditionally been used to address the individual elements of the Blended Security Threat is now widely acknowledged as a significant challenge. To address this, Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions have emerged as the only reliable means of protection against the multiplicity of threats targeting corporate networks.

Airfibre´s Managed Security services encompass system administration and support, VPN configuration, policy management, hardware maintenance and support, which can be delivered on-net or on-site.

Full service on-net

If you want to hand over day-to-day responsibility of your organisation´s Managed Security, Airfibre recommends that you choose the on-net service. This will ensure that your data is managed around the clock at Airfibre’s Network Control Centre with you using Airfibre´s high-end firewall as your own.

An ancillary benefit to this service is that the Data Centre is directly attached to Airfibre´s resilient fibre layoff to the Internet. As a result your last mile access circuits are not burdened as traffic is blocked by the security process thereby safeguarding your IT resources and providing protection against malicious attacks designed to impact your end users´ network performance.

As an On-net customer you also benefit from the economies of scale presented by a shared resource. As a result, SMEs can now benefit from the blue chip industrial strength security that would otherwise only be available to larger organisations.

Co-managed on-site

For IT and Network Managers who want to retain control over security, this service comprises an on-site firewall with dual management responsibility.

Working in partnership with Airfibre Consultants, you retain management control while taking advantage of Airfibre´s 24-hour management service that provides cover for:

  • Out of hours support
  • Holidays and sick leave
  • Day-to-day distractions
  • Specific systems expertise

Real-time protection 24/7

As well as guaranteeing service availability in line with its 99.95% Service Level Agreement, Airfibre also ensures real-time updates to guard against the changing Blended Security Threat.

Both Airfibre´s Managed Security services comprise common elements that combine to provide a total solution.