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Managed Temporary Bandwidth

Airfibre's Managed Temporary Broadband and Internet Services Flexible, Fast, Secure ...

Legacy Telcos often take a minimum of 30 days to install an Internet circuit; Airfibre delivers secure services to any location within its coverage areas within 5 days. And, unlike traditional service providers that make you commit to a 12-month minimum contract, Airfibre tailors contracts to reflect your specific technical and logistical requirements.

For your complete peace of mind, Airfibre also offers an emergency service and has been known to provide connections within hours.

Whilst temporary, Airfibre temporary leased lines are as robust and will support all applications including VOIP, IP Telephony and latency sensitive applications such as streaming video, etc.

By taking a different approach to providing temporary Internet and Broadband leased line services, Airfibre has secured a number of prestigious contracts and has been and continues to be trusted to provide high-speed Internet bandwidth for various events including:

  • Several conferences in Dublin for the world’s largest software house
  • UCD
  • Dublin Castle
  • Zozzy TV
  • TV3

Airfibre´s Internet Broadband leased line services are ideally suited to:

  • Temporary events
  • Ad-hoc media streaming
  • Construction sites
  • Office moves