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With Airfibre you get

  • Suitable Managed WaaS for SME, Large Enterprises, Campuses, Temporary Events.
  • Indoor & Outdoor WiFi as a Service installations.
  • Bespoke WaaS Design Service.
  • Managed WiFi expertly installed by Airfibre’s own Engineers.
  • Industry leading value for money.  You will not find a better value for money Managed WaaS in Ireland.

With Airfibre’s Managed Business WiFi as a Service (WaaS), you can set aside the pain of WiFi hot spot dead zones!

Your WiFi users shouldn’t have to to wander around a building to find the place where WiFi is ‘good’. Airfibre’s managed WiFi solution, WaaS, that wireless network dead spots are confined to history.

By subscribing to Airfibre’s Managed Business WiFi service, you get support from a team of experienced engineers that assess your premises to determine how universal wireless connectivity performs to specification wherever you need it.

Following installation, Airfibre’s engineers actively manage the quality of your business WiFi connectivity to ensure ongoing quality of service is maintained.

From office spaces to temporary installations and events (Airfibre was commissioned to provide connectivity to the Dublin Marathon in October ’22), Airfibre’s managed Business WiFi Service can be deployed anywhere to ensure that you have the connectivity you need, wherever you need it.

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