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OneCall is a combines Firewall As A Service (FaaS) and WiFi As A Service (WaaS) with Airfibre’s class leading business Internet Leased Line services to give a you a single point of responsibility for your connectivity.

No longer will you be subject to finger pointing between your service provider and your internal infrastructure.

No longer will you be faced with determining the root cause of connectivity issues that inevitably arise from time-to-time.

No longer do you need to concern yourself as to whether or not you are up to date with protecting your corporate IT from attack by third party predators.

Using hardware technology that is trusted by the US Military, each FaaS implementation is designed and built to specific customer requirements.

Airfibre designs each WaaS installation to deliver fantastic performance for each end-user, using the appropriate number of Access Points correctly installed for optimal efficiency.

OneCall is a menu driven service where you get to choose what you want between…

  • Internet Leased Line up to 1Gbps
  • FaaS
  • WaaS

…in the full knowledge that total support is but a phone call away.

Engage with Airfibre now to learn how Airfibre managed connectivity can ensure that your organisation exploits cloud and AI based services to deliver competitive edge.

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