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With Airfibre you get

  • Single vendor responsibility for all of your business communications including your Business Internet Broadband Leased Line(s),
    Managed Firewall and WiFi.
  • No finger pointing or slopy shoulders where you encounter issues with your Internet, Firewall or slow WiFi services.
  • Fantastic Business Internet Leased Lines.
  • US Military Grade Managed Firewall.
  • Expertly installed WiFi for business.
  • Industry leading value for money.
  • Perfect for SMEs that need to cost effectively outsource Network ops.

When troubleshooting nearly any IT problem you need eliminate the network as a root cause before you begin to drill down. All too often, service providers will deny issues and all too frequently point fingers at each other rather than solving your issue.

You can save yourself from this by joining the growing band of businesses that are availing of Airfibre’s OneCall managed service.

OneCall consolidates your business network needs into one service with a single point of responsibility should you need help. No more will you have to make multiple calls to different service providers only to hit a brick wall.

As a OneCall customer, Airfibre takes full accountability for your business WiFi, network security and business Direct Internet Access business broadband services giving you the peace of mind that help is truly only one call away.

With OneCall, you get to experience the benefits of Airfibre’s full range of services in one package delivered as a service. Uncontended, fully symmetrical Business Broadband, fully managed and bespoke US Military Grade Firewall network security, and managed business WiFi connectivity.

Poor Internet performance – eliminated.
Poor VOIP and video quality – eliminated.
WiFi hot spot dead zones – eliminated.

Your business becomes empowered to focus on its core operations knowing that the challenges associated with in an ever more technological and insecure world are taken care of.

Airfibre provides OneCall support to a range of businesses from independent SME’s, to large scale hospitality businesses. Rest assured that no matter the size of your business, Airfibre can and will support your success.

To learn more about Airfibre’s OneCall service, contact our team today to see what package would best suit the needs of your business.

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