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Airfibre Launches FibreLine100

Airfibre Launches FibreLine100

New price, performance and availability benchmark set for 100Mbps Business Leased Line services

As part of its campaign to bridge Ireland’s “Business Broadband Void”, Airfibre has Launched FibreLine100 a fully symmetrical and uncontended business leased line service.
Airfibre has coined the phrase “Business Broadband Void” to highlight the inadequacy of telecoms infrastructure in meeting the needs and requirements of Business customers. The Company says that it is concerned and frustrated by hyperbole associated with domestic broadband services promoted to businesses, which it claims is damaging in a B2B context.

Whilst fibre to the cabinet domestic Internet services mark a step change for home users, the supporting infrastructure relies upon high contention ratios (typically 48:1) and is severely restrictive as a result of asymmetrical data rates where upload speeds can be limited to 10% of download capacity or as little as 500Kbps.

“The unpredictable nature of contended asymmetrical services makes them a high-risk proposition for businesses that depend upon their Internet connection to support telephony, cloud based services such as Office 365 and remote workers,”

said John Earley, CEO, “Organisations wishing to send large files and data sets will be disappointed and frustrated.”
Key to Airfibre’s campaign is an educational programme for Businesses to highlight the dangers of relying upon veiled promises for services that are all too often unacceptable in a business context.

Airfibre advocates that satisfactory performance levels will only be achieved with dedicated leased line services and recognises that until now, that this has presented a major problem for businesses that are beyond the reach of traditional fibre due to planning restrictions and others that simply cannot afford the high costs associated with these circuits.
Airfibre’s 21st Century IP network has been upgraded to enable it to supply customers with 100Mbps FibreLine100 leased line circuits for €500 per calendar month without quality compromise. This, claims the Company, pitches it commercially below the bottom end of traditional Telco pricing for comparable dedicated leased line services.
Utilising its own infrastructure, Airfibre is able to guarantee zero contention and fully symmetrical operation. Consequently, customers are able to upload data just as fast as they can download it with latency levels equal to or better than fibre-optic circuits.

Airfibre points to support as another key differentiator between it and traditional Telcos. It claims that the industry is awash with tales and stories of inaccessible support in times of crises ranging from unhelpful call centres through to non-availability of staff when support is required.
Airfibre FibreLine100 services are supported by a 99.95% Service Level Agreement and a four-hour commitment to fix problems where they arise. Airfibre has the capacity to deliver this as it only supports Business customers, which means its dedicated Engineering staff is available to assist 24x7x365. It claims that traditional Telcos, which derive the majority of income from domestic users are not positioned to help when it matters.

“The Business Broadband Void”, continued Earley, “Is the culmination of factors in the Irish communications market. Improperly positioned quality of communications services, poor availability and dreadful support services that combine to frustrate the business community. Airfibre is on a mission to address these fundamental issues with affordable industrial strength Internet and communications services.”