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White Papers

By cutting corners in order to save on costs, Wireless ISPs in Ireland have been identified as introduction data security breaches that could land your business in court.

Challenging Expectation and Delivery

This paper is intended to examine best practice for implementing a wireless network infrastructure to relay CCTV images from remote locations to a central monitoring suite(s).
Issues considered in this paper apply to both real-time surveillance and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) applications.

Considerations for delivery of communications Circuits at construction sites.

This paper examines the practical application of Cloud services in a business context. As well as providing a thought provoking vision for the future of Cloud based solutions, the paper defines why no business, small or large, can avoid embracing the cloud, cuts through terminology and acronyms, examines six ‘must have?’ applications for today and provides insight into how Airfibre plans to integrate mobile communications technology into its cloud based offerings.