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Wireless Security

Airfibre & Wireless Security

Airfibre´s Broadband and Internet leased lines are delivered using Secure IP Point-to-Point wireless connections.

Previously, wireless broadband services highlighted concerns over security, largely as a result of badly implemented point-to-multipoint shared access systems, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, which were easily compromised by a need to permit everyone to connect on an ad-hoc basis.

The Airfibre network is private and has virtually nothing in common with these types of networks. The Airfibre network is completely invisible and cannot be discovered using industry standard 802.11x equipment.

Unlike a generic wireless (Wi-Fi) network, Airfibre uses a highly secure radio connection between two distinct and known transmitters. Security of your data is further guaranteed through Airfibre’s use of secure IP radio solutions from leading companies specialising in cutting-edge carrier-grade radio hardware, including Infinet, SIAE and Siklu.

Airfibre uses proprietary radio transmission techniques to provide optimal quality of service and make the connection inherently secure. Techniques that include proprietary algorithms make Airfibre´s wireless leased lines more secure than traditional fibre circuits.